Through the design and construction of arbors, trellises, patios, conversation nooks, outdoor dining areas, outdoor kitchens, barbeques and pools/spas, we can create valuable additional space for entertaining and family gatherings within your backyard. Moreover, we can design and install an outdoor kitchen complete with water, electrical, and gas hook-ups.


Pools/Water Features/Lighting

Swimming pools are an impressive focal point where friends and family can enjoy and entertain. Hot tubs, waterfalls and underwater lighting add dramatic effects to any garden. We take great pride in all of our creations which include full pond systems, streams and pondless waterfalls. 

Cleverly placed lights can create a mood, showcase special plants, trees or art, and create exotic shadows. Low voltage lights can illuminate your landscape at night, providing beauty, safety and security-bringing it to life in a way you may never have imagined.

Hardscape/Wood Working

Scenic Scapes, Inc. can design and build virtually anything out of brick, stone, concrete, pavers and wood. Discover how our signature stone walls, benches, walkways and patios can be integrated with plantings to enhance the subtle features of your garden.

Though multiple grades of lumber are used, depending on client requirements and budget, we always use the same quality craftsmanship standards to provide a customized solution for every client. With a well designed and installed hardscape plan, you will feel as though you have added an outdoor addition to your home.




Proper Irrigation is a key to maintaining a healthy and beautiful landscape. An automatic sprinkler system will allow you to water your landscape correctly. You will also have the peace of mind to leave on a long trip or a weekend and to know that your landscape is safe from the harsh elements.

We can design and install the appropriate drainage solutions for your outdoor landscapes; we can also design drainage solutions that will keep water from rain and household gutter downspouts away from your home’s foundation or basement areas.